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LGBTQA Concerns - CU SpeakOUT

CU SpeakOUT / TC Safe Zones

TC is a Proud Participant in

CU SpeakOUT!

CU SpeakOUT is a training program in which straight-identified allies and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people are educated about LGBTQ issues and can actively express their affirmation for the LGBTQ community at Columbia University.

The flyer on this website is a list of TC staff and faculty* who have taken part in CU SpeakOUT training. These individuals have agreed to make their workspaces safe to talk about LGBTQ issues and to be places where students, staff, and faculty can be "out" or reveal their sexual orientation or gender identity. Watch for this list to grow throughout the year as additional trainings are held!

* Lack of inclusion on this list should not be interpreted to indicate one’s attitude regarding LGBTQ people or issues one way or another.