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We are a research team at Columbia University, Teachers College studying eating behavior and body image. If you are 18 or older, we invite you to participate in our survey.

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About the Project
As we all know, our eating habits and self image have a great deal to do with health and happiness. This study is designed to explore these issues in a large and diverse group of people. Our purpose in conducting this survey is to understand how eating behavior and body image change across the lifespan and influence wellbeing. We hope that you can contribute to this effort. More information on these topics will be provided to you after completing the survey.

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Thank You!
Your assistance in completing this survey is very valuable to the future of our research. To show our gratitude, after completing the survey, you will be invited to select a charity from our list and we will make an anonymous contribution in your honor. In addition, you will become eligible to enter a lottery in which a $100 gift check will be awarded to one person out of every 1,000 people who choose to leave an email address. (Addresses are separated from survey responses so that all responses remain confidential.)

--- Elizabeth Midlarsky, Ph.D.

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