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Yearly District Perfomance

Yearly District Performance Index Score

Twelve years of Performance Index (PI) scores for every district in Ohio. Twelve years of consecutive performance index score data for the entire population of school districts in the state of Ohio are plotted. Each line represents the trend of one of the 610 individual district twelve year history of performance index score change. District trends are plotted from 40-120 PI score, since no districts scored below 50 PI score at any time. Years included in the previous Bowers (2010) study, the present study and the overlap between the two models are shown at the bottom of the panel.

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Journal Citation Network

Journal Citation Network by Wang and Bowers

Figure 2 The educational administration journal citation network. The network consisted of 6,382 journals in 10 clusters (visualized in 10 different colors) according to the results of network cluster analysis by applying the Givan-Newman clustering algorithm (2002).

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