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Know Your Educational Rights Handouts

The Campaign for Educational Equity undertook an extensive research project to detail the educational resources, services, and supports to which students are entitled under the New York State constitution and state law and to investigate the availability of these resources in high-needs schools around the state. To raise public awareness, we published a compendium of the resource requirements as well as detailed findings about widespread violations of many students’ educational rights. Our growing number of Know Your Educational Rights handouts—created to support and promote advocacy and action among those New Yorkers most directly affected by educational inequities—are user-friendly summaries of this information. Please share them with your school and community!

Know Your Rights Handout #1:

Safeguarding Sound Basic Education: Constitutional Violations in New York State 

This first brief sets out what resources, services, and supports every New York school must be able to provide for all of its students under the state constitution and summarizes CEE's analysis of the availability of these constitutional resources in 33 high-needs schools around New York State.

Download in Spanish: Salvaguardando Sound Basic Education: Violaciones Constitucionales en el Estado de Nueva York

Know Your Rights Handout #2:

Physical Education 

What are New York students' rights when it comes to phys. ed.? What should schools be able to provide in terms of curriculum, space, personnel,and equipment. Are these available in all schools? Find out here and share with your community. 

Know Your Rights Handout #3:

Instructional Materials 

New York students are entitled to receive appropriate instructional materials, including books, supplies, libraries, labs, and educational technology. Read here and share with your community what the state is constitutionally required to provide to all students and what we found (and didn't find) in schools.  

Know Your Rights Handout #4:

Class Size 

New York State is required maintain appropriate class sizes for all students. In the CFE case, the state's highest court indicated that class sizes should range from 20-23 students. Are schools able to maintain these sizes? Read about student's rights and our findings about class size here and share this handout with your community. 

Know Your Rights Handout #5:

School Facilities 

All New York State schools are required to have a physical environment that provides adequate and accessible facilities with enough light, space, heat and air to allow students to learn. How do New York schools measure up?  

Know Your Rights Handout #6:

School Libraries 

All New York schools are required to have library media centers providing a sufficient number of books and up-to-date instructional technology and software. How do schools measure up? 

Know Your Rights Handout #7:

English Language Learner Resource Requirements 

What resources, services, and supports are New York English language learners entitled to receive? What should schools be able to provide to ensure that all students with limited English proficiency achieve the same educational goals and meet the same standard as the general student population? Are these available in all schools? Find out here in English and Spanish and share with your community?

Download in Spanish: Conozcan Sus Derechos: Estudiantes Que Aprenden Inglés Recursos Requeridos