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Office of Facilities Management
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Heating & Air Conditioning

There are a variety of heating and cooling systems in place in academic buildings and residence halls. The temperature in some areas is controlled by a central control system in accordance with temperature guidelines set by the College.

Temperature Guidelines

Except in a few locations which require specific temperature ranges, all centrally controlled facilities are heated to about 68 degrees in the winter and cooled to about 76 degrees in the summer when occupied. Occupants of campus buildings are asked to participate in College energy conservation initiatives by reporting excessive heating and cooling to the Facilities Service Center at X3010.

Room Schedules and Central Temperature Control

Room schedules affect temperature controls; classroom, lecture halls, and other rooms are heated and cooled when they are expected to be in use. Changes in room use schedules should be reported to the Facilities Office. Heating and cooling adjustments will be made accordingly.

To Report a Heating or Cooling Problem

All heating and cooling problems should be reported to the Facilities Service Center at X3010. Technicians will be sent to your room, or academic building, to assess and correct the problem. Temperature adjustment requests for centrally controlled facilities will be considered within the context of temperature guidelines set by the College.

Weather Conditions