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Brian John Sherman
Adjunct Professor of Education & Psychology
Counseling & Clinical Psychology

Educational Background

Ph.D.  Clinical Psychology              Columbia University (2012)
M.A.  Psychology and Education    Columbia University (2006)
B.A.  Psychology                               Washington University in St. Louis (2003)

Scholarly Interests

My research interests include the implementation and assessment of evidence-based treatments for addiction and compulsive behavior problems.  Specifically, examining motivational and demographic factors that contribute to reduction in use and improvement in indices of mental health.  Second, I am interested in the association between temperament and psychopathology.  My research in this area has examined how different dimensions of temperament (e.g. negative affect, adaptibility, rhythmicity) affect the course of major depressive episodes (e.g. frequency, intensity, duration).  Lastly, I have an interest in developmental psychopathology which broadly guides all my research endeavors.  With funding from the Institute for Latin American Studies, I traveled to Brazil and studied the effects of family environment (conflict and cohesion) on adolescent internalizing and externalizing problems in a low-income disadvantaged community.  

Active Professional Organizations

American Psychological Association
New York State Psychological Association

Honors and Awards

General Research Dissertation Fellowship (Academic Year 2011 – 2012), Office of the Provost and Dean of the College, Teachers College, Columbia University ($6,000).

Independent Study Summer Field Research Travel Grant (2008), Institute of Latin American Studies, School of   International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, “Internalizing and Externalizing Problems in Brazilian Adolescents” ($1,730).

Distinguished Service Award (2004), North Suffolk Mental Health Association, Boston, MA.


Sherman, B.J., Duarte, C.S., & Verdeli, H. (2011). Internalizing and externalizing problems in adolescents from Bahia, Brazil: Sociodemographic correlates and family environment in boys and girls. International Journal of Mental Health, 40, 55-76. 

Lipsitz, J.D., Gur, M., Albano, A.M., & Sherman, B.J. (2011). A Psychological Intervention for Pediatric Chest Pain: Development and Open Trial. Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, 32, 153-157.

Lipsitz, J.D., Gur, M., Sonnet, F.M., Dayan, P.S., Miller, S.Z., Brown, C., & Sherman, B. (2010). Psychopathology and disability in children with unexplained chest pain presenting to the pediatric emergency department. Pediatric Emergency Care, 26, 830-836.

Sherman, B.J. (2006). The poverty of affluence: Addiction to wealth and its effects on well-being. Graduate Student Journal of Psychology, 8, 30-32.