Capodilupo, Christina M. (cmc2002)

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Capodilupo, Christina
Adjunct Associate Professor
Counseling & Clinical Psychology

325 HMann

Educational Background

2002: Ed.M., Gender Studies, Harvard Graduate School of Education 

2009: Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University

Selected Publications

Capodilupo, C.M. (2014). One size does not fit all: Using variables other than the thin ideal to understand Black women's body image. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Capodilupo, C.M. & Kim, S. (2014). Gender and race matter: The importance of considering intersections in Black women's body image. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 61(1), 37-49.

 Capodilupo, CM. (2014). Clinical Applications with Women: Living in the Shadows, The Story of Monique. In D.W. Sue, M.E. Gallardo & H.A. Neville (Eds.), Case Studies in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy, Wiley.

Capodilupo, C.M., Nadal, K.L., Hamit, S., Corman, L., Lyons, O., & Weinberg, A. (2010). The manifestation of gender microaggressions. In D.W. Sue (Ed.), Microaggressions and Marginalized Groups in Society: Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Class and Religious Manifestations. John Wiley and Sons.

 Sue, D.W., Rivera, D.P., Capodilupo, C.M., Lin, A.I., & Torino, G.C. (2010). Racial dialogues and White trainee fears:  Implications for education and training. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. 

 Sue, D., Capodilupo, C., Torino, G., Bucceri, J.M., Esquilin, M.E., Holder, A., & Nadal, K. (2007). Racial microaggressions: Barriers to the counseling/therapy process, The American Psychologist, 62, 271-286.

Wong, S.N., TaeHyuk Keum, B., Caffarel, D., Srinivasan, R., Morshedian, N., Capodilupo, C.M. & Brewster, M. (under review). Exploring the conceptualization of body image for Asian American women.


Capodilupo, C.M. & Smith, K.M. (in progress). Associations between racism, emotional overeating, and appearance satisfaction among Black women.


Torino, G.C. & Capodilupo, C.M. (in progress). Gender microaggressions scale (GMAS): Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis.

Capodilupo, C.M. (in progress). Invisibility Construct: Distinctions from Self-Esteem and Self-Worth.  


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