Douglas N. Gordin
Adjunct Professor
Organization & Leadership

Douglas Gordin received his doctorate in the Learning Sciences from Northwestern where he built and studied scientific visualization environments adapted for students' project science work. He's works now at Google as a Senior Software Engineer where his projects have included personalized search, classifying businesses for Local Search and developing serving systems for the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.  Previously he worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories in their Applied Artificial Intelligence Group, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in their Education Group, Michigan State as an Assistant Professor, and SRI International's Center for Technology and Learning as a senior cognitive scientist.  While at SRI he was a Principal Investigator of visualization activities for the GLOBE Program.  Other projects include: writing a Global Warming Curriculum, developing a social network visualization system for studying communities of practice, and an expert system for analyzing cognitive errors in students' subtraction procedures. He also received a Masters in Computer Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Columbia University.


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