Berk, Evan S. (esb2003)

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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Berk, Evan
Adjunct Assistant Professor Nutrition Education
Health & Behavior Studies

532B Thndk

Educational Background

B.S. Cornell University
Ph.D. Columbia University


Scholarly Interests

Physiology of obesity and diabetes; clinical in vivo measures of fuel metabolism; in vivo imaging methodology

Selected Publications

Berk ES, Kovera AJ, Boozer CN, Pi-Sunyer FX, Johnson J, Albu JB.  Adiponectin levels during low and high fat eucaloric diets in lean and obese women. (Obes Res 13: 1566-1571, 2005)

Albu JB, Kovera AJ, Allen L, Wainwright M, Berk ES, Raja-Kahn N, Janumala I, Burkey B, Heshka S, Gallagher D. Independent association of insulin resistance with increased inter-muscular adipose tissue and larger acute insulin response to glucose in African American vs. Caucasian non-diabetic women. (Am J Clin Nutr 82:1210-1217, 2005)

Vemula M, Park S, Albu JB, Berk ES, Burkey B.  Weight loss through diet restriction showed improved insulin sensitivity in obese insulin resistant human subjects as revealed by standard clinical measurements and gene expression profiling. (Obes Res, V14: A31, 2006)

Berk ES, Shen W, Kindermann S, Mao X, Shungu D, Albu J.  Manifestations of Metabolic Inflexiblity in Healthy, Pre-Menopausal African-American women. (Obes Res, V14: A67, 2006)

Berk ES, Kovera AJ, Boozer CN, Pi-Sunyer FX, Albu JB. Metabolic Inflexibility is present in substrate use in African-American but not Caucasian pre-menopausal females.  (J Clin Endocrinol Metab 91:4099-4106, 2006)

Albu JB, Kenya S, He Q, Liitschwager M, Berk ES, Heshka S, Kotler DP, Engelson ES.  Increased whole-body inter-muscular and decreased leg subcutaneous adipose tissue depots are independent associates of insulin resistance in HIV-infected obese women.  (Am J Clin Nutr, 81: 100-106, 2007).

Berk ES, Wu W, Albu J.  Skeletal Muscle-Type Analysis using Whole Body-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Implications for in vivo Ethnic Studies. (Int J Obes.  V31: S101, 2007)

Berk ES,  Kindermann S, Albu J.  Increased % Intermuscular Adipose Tissue in Metabolically Inflexible Women Compared to Metabolically Flexible Women. (Diabetes.  V56: A668, 2007)

Ali M, Berk ES, Shen W, Sirak T, Yasar  M, Mao X, Shungu D, Albu J.  Body composition correlates of intramyocellular lipids content in healthy, pre-menopausal, non-diabetic, sedentary women. (Diabetes. V57: A717-A718, 2008)

Berk ES,  Johnson J, Lee, Boozer CN, Pi-Sunyer FX, Fried S, Albu J.  Post-Absorptive Skeletal Muscle in African American vs. Caucasian Pre-Menopausal Women. (Obes Res, 16: 199-201, 2008)





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