Jonathan Stephen Budd
Arts & Humanities
Jonathan Budd is a Adjunct Instructor of English Education in the Department of Arts and Humanities. A graduate of Connecticut College, Trinity College, and the University of Connecticut, Budd has taught high school English in Connecticut for several years, most recently at Joel Barlow High School, which serves the communities of Easton and Redding. At Joel Barlow High School, Budd serves as Co-Director of the Writing Center, a position in which he is responsible for individual student support services related to writing, school-wide writing and reading portfolio programs, and writing-across-the-curriculum initiatives. Budd has served in various leadership capacities related to English education and school improvement. These include ongoing work for the Connecticut State Department of Education on curriculum development based on the Common Core State Standards, as well as state and national assessments of student reading and writing literacy, including assessment of students with significant cognitive disabilities. He has also participated in and led visit teams for the Tri-State Consortium, a partnership of high-performing public school districts in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey that seek to improve student performance to the highest levels. Budd's ongoing doctoral research at Teachers College pursues the making of literate readers in secondary English classrooms in our poststructural - yet, paradoxically, highly assessed - age.


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