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Jill Suzanne Hill
Counseling & Clinical Psychology

Educational Background

Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, University of Oklahoma

M.A., Counseling Psychology, Loyola College in Maryland

B.A., Psychology, Loyola College in Maryland

Scholarly Interests

Culturally competent approaches to psychological assessment with Indigenous groups

Cultural validity of the MMPI-2 with American Indian adults

Workplace discrimination against American Indians

Impact of racial microaggressions on Indigenous Peoples

Ethical and culturally valid research methodologies

Relationship satisfaction of LGBTQ couples

Selected Publications

* indicates student co-author

Articles in Refereed Journals

Hill, J. S., Robbins, R. R., & Pace, T. M. (in press).  Cultural validity of MMPI-2 empirical correlates: Is this the best we can do?  Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Boone, M. S., Edwards, G. R., Haltom, M., Hill, J. S., Liang, Y., Mier, S. R., et al. (2011).  Let's talk:  Getting out of the counseling center to serve hard-to-reach students.  Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development, 39, 194-205.

Hill, J. S., Lau, M. Y., & Sue, D. W. (2010).  Integrating cultural psychology and trauma psychology:  An Indigenous perspective.  Traumatology, 16, 39-47.

Hill, J. S., Pace, T. M., & Robbins, R. R. (2010).  Decolonizing personality assessment and honoring Indigenous voices:  A critical examination of the MMPI-2.  Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 16, 16-25.

Robbins, R. R., Hill, J. S., McWhirter, P. T. (2008).  Conflicting epistemologies: A case study of a traditional American Indian in therapy.  Clinical Case Studies, 7, 449-466.

Pace, T. M., Robbins, R. R., Choney, S. K., Hill, J. S., Lacey, K., & Blair, G. M. (2006).  A cultural-contextual perspective on the validity of the MMPI-2 with American Indians.  Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 12, 320-333.  

Pace, T. M., Mullins, L. L., Beesley, D., Hill, J. S., & Carson, K.  (1999).  The relationship between children's emotional and behavioral problems and the social responses of elementary school teachers.  Journal of Contemporary Educational Psychology, 24, 140-155.  

Book Chapters

Suzuki, L. A., Naqvi, S., & Hill, J. S. (in press).  Assessing intelligence in a cultural context.  In J. E. Trimble (Ed.), Handbook of multicultural psychology.  Washington, DC: APA.

Suzuki, L. A., Onoue, M. A., & Hill, J. S. (in press).  Clinical assessment:  A multicultural perspective.  In K. Geisinger and J. Carlson (Eds.), Handbook of testing and assessment in psychology.  Washington, DC: APA.

Trimble, J. E., Scharron-del Rio, M. R., & Hill, J. S. (in press).  Ethical considerations in the application of cultural adaptation models.  In G. Bernal and M. Domenech-Rodriguez (Eds.), Cultural adaptations:  Tools for evidence-based practice for diverse populations.  Washington, DC:  APA.  

Hill, J. S., Kim, S.*, Williams, C. D.* (2010).  The context of racial microaggressions against Indigenous Peoples:  Same old racism or something new?  In D. W. Sue (Ed.), Microaggressions and marginalized groups in society: Race, gender, sexual orientation, class and religious manifestations (pp. 105 - 122).  Hoboken, NJ:  Wiley.