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Marrone, Stephen
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Nursing Education
Associate Professor of Nursing Long Island University School of Nursing.
Organization & Leadership

201 Zankel

Office Hours:
By Appointment.

Educational Background

  • Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University
  • M.S., University of Delaware
  • B.S., Long Island University

Scholarly Interests

Transcultural nursing administration. education, and practice. Cultural competency.  Organizational excellence. Health disparities. Care of vulnerable populations.

Selected Publications

  • Marrone, S.R. (2012). Organizational cultural competence. In Purnell, L., & Paulanka, B. (Eds.). Transcultural health care: A culturally competent approach (4th ed.). Philadelphia:  F.A. Davis.
  • Marrone, S.R., Eason, J., McLeod, C., Marriott, C., Alleyne, J., Walker, D., & Bish, C. (2011). Weaning the unweanable: Management of the patient requiring external ventilation. Advance For Nurses, November, 10 - 11.   
  • Marrone, S.R. (2011). Transcultural nursing scholars corner: Promoting culturally competent care in health care services.  Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 22, 307.  
  • Marrone, S.R. (2010). Organizational cultural competency. In Douglas, M., & Pacquiao, D. (Eds.). Core curriculum in transcultural nursing and health care.  Thousand Oaks, CA; Sage.
  • Marrone, S.R. (2010). Transcultural self-efficacy research and magnet recognition. In Jeffreys, M.R. Teaching cultural competence in nursing and health care (2nd ed.). New York: Springer.    
  • Marrone, S.R. (2010). Transcultural nursing administration: A 21st century imperative. Voice of Nursing Leadership, 8, 6 - 7.
  • Marrone, S.R. (2008). Factors that influence critical care nurses’ intentions to provide culturally congruent care to Arab Muslims. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 19: 8 - 15
  • Cohen, L., Trim, N., Alleyne, J., & Marrone, S.R.  (2007). Glycemic control for diabetic transplant patients: An evidence-based approach.  Nursing Spectrum, December, 18 – 19
  • Nash, I., Rojas, M., Hepert, P, Marrone, S., Colgan, C., Fisher, L., Caliendo, G., & Chassin, M. (2005). Reducing excessive medication administration in hospitalized adults with renal dysfunction.  American Journal of Medical Quality, 20:  64 - 69.   
  • Marrone, S.R.  (2002). The globalization of nursing.  Nursing Spectrum, 14:  8 - 9.
  • Marrone, S.R.  (2001). When the sun shines you cannot see the moon.  In Munhall, P., Madden, E. & Fitzsimons, V. (Eds.).  The emergence of man into the 21st century. Boston:  Jones & Bartlett.
  • Marrone, S.R.  (1999). Nursing in Saudi Arabia: Leadership development of a multicultural staff.  Journal of Nursing Administration, 29:  1 - 3.
  • Marrone, S.R.  (1999). Designing a competency-based nursing practice model in a multicultural setting.  Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, 15: 56 - 62. 
  • Gary, R., Marrone, S. & Boyles, C. (1998). The use of gaming strategies in a transcultural setting.  Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 29: 221 - 227.


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