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Mentoring students is for me one of the highlights of my profession. Besides advising students on course work, I support my students in making academic presentations, publishing articles, writing grant proposals, finding internships, consultancies or jobs. I would like them to see themselves as part of a larger academic community that entails collaboration with professors and students at other universities, active participation in professional associations (CIES and disciplinary or area study associations related to the research of the student) and support of ongoing professional activities at Teachers College, Columbia University (in particular CICE).

The students in the international education programs are not only academically of high caliber, but they are also professionally experienced. The students I work with have extensive experience working in international organizations, schools or universities outside of the United States. Given the resourcefulness of our students, I strongly encourage peer networking and support.

I advise students across geographical regions (except for North America), but am most valuable as a mentor for students who focus on Europe, post-socialist countries, and the Middle East. At the doctoral level, I only advise students interested in formal education, in particular on topics related to schools and teachers. Students who choose to be my advisees are typically situated in the following concentrations:


Comparative and International Education Program:

International Educational Development Program:


Completed Dissertations: 1997-2012

Advisor: Gita Steiner-Khamsi

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