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Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University


Research Experience in China


(1) Internationalization of research universities in China, funded by Lingnan Foundation, since 2006.

(2) Lifelong education for migrant workers in urban China. In collaboration with East China Normal University and Peking University, since 2005.

(3) Education for children of migrant workers in urban China. In collaboration with Beijing Normal University, South China Normal University , and Shanghai University of Science and Technology, since 2005.

(4) University research and technology transfer. A study of the US and China, 2003-04.

(5) Higher Education in China: Issues of Efficiency and Mergers. In collaboration with Peking University. 2003-2004.

(6) Financing of compulsory education in rural China. Funded by the Ford Foundation, 2001-2004.

(7) School choice and privatization in China. Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, 2000-2003.

(8) Education and earnings in urban China over time, 1999-2000.

(9) Human-capital development and economic competitiveness in a global economy: The Shenzhen model. In collaboration with Professor Jin Xiao, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1996-1999.

(10) 1997-1998 Economic and cultural factors in access to primary education in rural China, 1997-1998.

(11) Basic education and poverty reduction in rural areas in China, in collaboration with Professor Xin Wei, Peking University, 1996-1998.

(12) Economic burden of household education spending and access to primary education in poor areas in Shanxi and Yunnan, provinces, China, 1996.

(13) Parental spending on education and access to basic education in poor counties in Hebei and Gansu provinces, China, 1995-1996.

(14) Evaluation of the financial reform of basic education in China: Issues of resource mobilization and inequality, 1992-1993.

(15) Costs and financing of adult education in Shenzhen, China. In collaboration with Dr. Jin Xiao. Partial funding from the Bureau of Adult Education, Shenzhen, China, 1990.

(16) Costs and efficiency of higher education in China. In collaboration with Professor Weifang Min, Peking University, 1989-1991.

(17) The financing of basic education in Shaanxi and Guizhou, China, 1989-1991.

(18) 1986-1990 Cross-national research on costs and financing of 1989-1990, The vocationalization of secondary education in China: Issues of costs, productivity, economic efficiency, and social stratification.

(19) Costs of continuing education of primary and secondary-school teachers in China, 1988-1990.

(20) Education and productivity: Case study of vocational education and productivity in an automobile company in Beijing, China. Partial funding from Beijing General Industry Auto Company. In collaboration with Professor Weifang Min, Peking University, 1986-1987.