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Graduate Degrees > Master of Science: General Requirements

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Master of Science: General Requirements

The M.S. degree specializations are in Nutrition and Education, Nutrition and Public Health, and Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. All three M.S. degrees require the following core courses:
    • HBSV 4010     Food, nutrition, and behavior
    • HBSV 4013     Nutritional ecology
    • HBSV 4014     Community nutrition
    • HBSV 5010     Advanced nutrition I
    • HBSV 5011     Advanced nutrition II
    • HBSV 5013     Strategies for nutrition education and health behavior change
    • HBSV 5014     Analysis of the current literature and research in nutrition
    • HBSV 5015     Nutritional epidemiology
    • HBSV 5018     Nutrition and human development
    • HBSV 5033     Nutrition care process and medical nutrition therapy I
    • HBSV 5034     Nutrition care process and medical nutrition therapy II
    • HBSV 5036     Nutrition counseling
    One of the following fieldwork courses:
    • HBSV 5231     Extended fieldwork in nutrition and public health
    • HBSV 5232     Extended fieldwork in nutrition and education
    • HBSV 5233     Extended fieldwork in nutrition and exercise physiology
    One of the following research methods courses:
    • BBSR 5582     Research design in movement sciences and education
    • HBSS 5040     Research methods in health and behavior studies
    • HBSS 6100     Measurement and program evaluation 
    As noted above, all three Master of Science degrees require supervised-practice fieldwork as well as a substantial integrative master’s project or thesis. Fieldwork can take place in the New York City area, in other parts of the United States, or in an international setting, depending on the interests of the student. Completion of the Dietetic Internship Program at Teachers College satisfies the fieldwork requirement.