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Reading Specialist
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Reading Specialist
In the Department of Health and Behavior Studies

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Please check the Class Schedule or contact the for specific course availability for each semester:

HBSK 4072 Theory and techniques of reading assessment and intervention
Overview of theories, assessment, and intervention techniques for reading and writing across the lifespan. Both typical development and literacy difficulty are addressed. Materials fee: $50.

HBSK 4074 Development of reading comprehension strategies and study skills
Reading and study skills: Practical procedures based on research find-ings appropriate for teachers, counselors, and others. Discussion focuses on students in the middle elementary grades through young adulthood.

HBSK 4077 Adult basic literacy
An examination of the learning of reading and writing by adults who have not achieved full literacy. Populations discussed include adults with learning disabilities, adult basic education students, community college continuing education and developmental education students, immigrants and others who have limited English language proficiency, students in correctional settings, and participants in adult literacy programs outside of the U.S.

HBSK 4085 Behavioral management in the classroom
Behavioral analysis and management techniques applied to the classroom. Observation and recording of behaviors, behavior change, reinforcement schedules, shaping token economies, contingency management, and evaluation of behavior modification. Focuses on applications but includes familiarization with research.

HBSK 5098 Diagnosis of reading and writing disabilities
Prerequisites: HBSK 4072. Presents theories and practices of diagnosing dyslexia and other disorders of literacy. Students learn to administer, score, and interpret a test battery and to formulate a diagnosis. Materials fee: $50.

HBSK 5099 Writing interventions theory and practice
This is a literacy course that applies research on cognitive, linguistic, affective, social, and cultural processes underlying writing performance to the development of writing interventions. Writing is discussed within a larger context of reading comprehension and subject-matter knowledge. Students learn to evaluate and design content area writing interventions for both typically developing and special-needs populations of differing ages in various educational settings.

HBSK 5373 Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention I
Prerequisite or corequisite: HBSK 4072, grade of B or better. This is the first of three practica that provide experience in the assessment and instruction of literacy skill including phonemic awareness, decoding, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, spelling, expressive writing, and reading comprehension. Students receive clinical practice in administering, scoring, and interpreting a classroom test-based battery and providing an instructional intervention to a client with literacy difficulty. At this level, students work with children in early childhood and elementary education. All work is conducted in a clinical setting under the guidance of a supervisor and the course instructor. Besides assessment and intervention, students learn to conduct intake interviews and client conferences, conceptualize individuals' learning patterns, interact with parents and other family members, follow ethical guidelines appropriate for the profession, prepare regular documentation, and write case reports to professional standard. Materials fee: $100.

HBSK 5376 Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention II
Prerequisite or corequisite: HBSK 4072, HBSK 5373, grade of B+ or better. Students work in a clinical setting to provide assessment and interventions within the context of a diagnostic teaching model for an individual with literacy difficulties. Clinical work is conducted under the guidance of a supervisor and the course instructor. Profes-sional guidelines, practices, and writing continue to be emphasized. Materials fee: $100.

HBSK 5377 Practicum in literacy assessment and intervention III
Prerequisite: HBSK 5376, grade of B+ or better. Students gain literacy assessment and intervention experience working with small groups of learners in a school- based setting. The practicum focuses on the full developmental range from early childhood through adolescent and adult literacy, including content-area reading and writing. Students have opportunities to work with classroom teachers, literacy teachers, and other school personnel while continuing to adhere to professional ethical guidelines and standards in their assessment, teaching, and preparation of reports. Materials fee: $100.

HBSK 5580 Seminar in consultation and evaluation in reading
Current topics in literacy and schooling; professional issues; evaluation of intervention programs and research; preparation for integrative project requirement.