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Insurance and Immunization Records
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Insurance and Immunization Records

Office of Student Affairs

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Dependent Coverage

Students who enroll in the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan may also choose to insure their eligible dependents, which include:

  • the student's lawful spouse or domestic partner residing with the student (Note: appropriate documentation is required, including a marriage license or form of domestic partnership)
  • the student's unmarried children, including stepchildren and foster children who are under the age of 26, are not self-supporting, and reside with the student, or for whom the student is court-ordered to provide insurance
  • newborn or newly adopted children
  • new dependents (e.g., due to marriage, birth, adoption, etc.) may be added to the Policy only within 31 days of their addition to the family.

A modified version of the Gold level of the Plan is available for coverage of eligible dependents. Please note that there are some differences between the Gold level of the Plan for students and the coverage for eligible dependents. These differences are explained below.

Students who wish to obtain insurance coverage for their eligible dependents must be enrolled themselves in the Columbia Plan.

Please print and fill out the Dependent Enrollment Form and scan, fax (212-678-3681), or turn in this form to our office in 159 Thorndike.

Dependent Spouse and Domestic Partner Enrollment Documentation

All students who wish to enroll their dependent spouse or domestic partner for the first time will need to provide Insurance & Immunization Records with acceptable documentation to verify the dependent's eligibility for enrollment. 

You will need to complete this verification only once; there will be no need to submit documentation again, unless you are enrolling a different spouse or domestic partner.

If you fail to provide documentation, the dependent's coverage cannot be activated and the premium will be refunded. The deadline for submitting documentation for Fall 2014 is September 16, 2014. The deadline for enrollment and submitting the supporting documentation for Spring 2015 is February 1, 2015.

Acceptable Forms of Documentation

  • Spouse - Marriage Certificate
  • Domestic Partner - Certificate of Domestic Partnership

For additional information on obtaining a domestic partnership certificate for New York City residents, please review the City Clerk's Office - Domestic Partnership Registration.

Please note that Domestic Partnership Certificates issued outside of New York City may be submitted.

To submit acceptable documentation, please visit Insurance & Immunization Records, located in 159 Thorndike Hall. 

Additional questions? Contact us by phone (212) 678-3006 or email,

Period of Coverage for Eligible Dependents

Coverage will become effective on the same date the insured student's coverage becomes effective; if dependents are enrolled prior to the deadline, then coverage begins September 1, 2014.

A new enrollment request for Dependent Coverage must be provided by September 16, 2014. Covered students may also request enrollment of their dependents beginning with the Spring Term if the request and applicable premiums are submitted by January 30, 2015. Unlike the student plan,  dependents' Fall Term enrollment is not automatically continued for the Spring Term.

For the 2014-15 plan year, dependents' Fall Term enrollment is now automatically continued for the Spring Term as long as the student remains a registered student. Premiums are billed to the students account by semester.

Coverage for insured dependents terminates in accordance with the termination policy described in the detailed Student Health Brochure of the Columbia Plan on our Forms page. Termination of benefits may be affected by the date the student's coverage terminates and the date the dependent no longer meets the definition of a dependent.

Enrollment of Eligible Dependents

Dependents are not automatically enrolled. For more information, please contact the Insurance and Immunization Records Office.

A new application for dependent coverage must be submitted each term by the deadlines below:

Fall Term: September 16, 2014
Spring Term: January 30, 2015 (new enrollees)

Newborn or Newly Adopted Children

Children born to a covered person during the Plan term will be covered for accident, sickness, and congenital defects for 31 days from the date of birth. At the end of this 31-day period, coverage will cease unless the newborn is enrolled in the Columbia Plan.

Coverage is also provided for a child legally placed for adoption with a covered person, for 31 days from the moment of placement, provided that the child lives in the household of the covered person and is dependent upon him or her for support. At the end of this 31-day period, coverage will cease unless the adopted child is enrolled in the Columbia Plan.

All benefits available for newborn and newly adopted children, within 31 days of birth or placement, are equal to those available for individuals covered under the plan.

To enroll your newborn or newly adopted child please visit the Insurance and Immunization Records Office in 159 Thorndike Hall or contact us at (212) 678-3006

Benefits for Eligible Dependents

Effective for the 2014-15 plan year, enrolled Spouses and Domestic Partners will be charged a $300 per semester Columbia Health Fee. Spouses and Domestic Partners will receive their Primary Care on-campus at Medical Services. Referrals will be required for most non-emergency off-campus medical care; a referral for mental health services will not be required.

Dependent children will continue to receive all of their care off-campus; referrals are not required.

Referrals for Spouse/Domestic Partners

Effective September 1, 2014 a referral from an on-campus Medical Services provider is required for spouse/domestic partners enrolled in the Columbia Plan in order to utilize the off-campus medical benefits available under the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan. Referrals for off-campus mental health services are not required.

Listed below are the rates for the 2014-2015 school year.

There are a number of plan benefits for eligible dependents, which can be found in the Detailed Brochure of the Columbia Plan. To review the dependent benefits covered under the Columbia Plan, a detailed, interactive brochure will be made available August 2014. For your reference, please review the 2013-2014 brochure.

Premiums for Eligible Dependents
Fall Premium
(Sept. 1, 2014 - Jan. 19, 2015)
Spring/Summer Premium
(Jan. 20 - Aug. 14, 2015)
Total Annual Premium
(Sept. 1, 2014 - Aug. 14, 2015)
Columbia Health Fee    
$300 $300 $600
Lawful Spouse or
Domestic Partner Only

$4,135 $5,999 $10,134
Dependent Child(ren) Only
$2,162 $3,137 $5,299
Lawful Spouse or
Domestic Partner & Child(ren)
$9,136 $15,433