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Housing Application


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The Office of Residential Services at Teachers College offers a variety of housing options for students interested in single or family living (married students, students with domestic partners, and single parents). Our single and family student options feature furnished rooms with access to fitness rooms, TV lounges, computer rooms and study rooms.  Unit prices include heat, hot water, electricity (Grant and Sarasota residents must pay the monthly electricity and gas charges), local phone with caller ID and voicemail, internet access and cable television service.


To find out about housing eligibility for single and family student living, please click HERE.


Application information

  • Your housing application is complete when:
    • All required fields are completed
    • The non-refundable application fee ($30) is paid
    • Your application is submitted
  • Housing applications are prioritized by:
    • Date application is received
    • Out-of-region students receive priority over in-region students (less than 30 miles from Manhattan)
  • Your housing application can be submitted prior to applying for Teachers College but only students who have been accepted to Teachers College are eligible to receive housing. 
  • Submitting the housing application does not guarantee housing.
  • As applicants are accepted to Teachers College and pay their tuition deposit, they enter the housing queue based on their application date and region status.  Thus, one's wait-list number may fluctuate in either direction.

Applying for Student Housing

If you are interested in living on campus within Teachers College, Columbia University student housing, the application for Spring, Summer A/B and Fall 2015 is now available by clicking on the link below.

Apply for Housing


If you are interested in Summer ONLY housing (Summer Conference Housing) do not submit the housing application. The Summer Conference Housing application will be accessible on December 22, 2014 on our website.




  • Applicants are notified a few weeks before assignments begin of when housing -'rounds' (available housing assignments are offered to active applicants) will take place.
  • An applicant's housing application becomes active once they:  
  • Are ccepted to Teachers College in a degree-granting program
  • Pay their Admissions Deposit
  • Have no HOLDS on their account that would prevent them for being assigned campus housing


Contact Information

Phone:             212-678-3235

Fax:                 212-678-3222



Office hours:

Monday- Friday: 9 am to 5 pm