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Faculty Policies and Procedures > Faculty Billing and Payments

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Faculty Policies and Procedures

Faculty Billing and Payments

Monthly rent charges, air conditioning charges and telephone charges are billed by the Office of Residential Services. Each tenant who signs a license is responsible for making the rent payment on the first of each month. Checks for rent payments are only accepted from the tenant of record.

Payment of all fees related to your apartment can be made in person at the Office of Student Accounts in 133 Thompson, via the Web or via touch-tone telephone. Web payments and touch-tone payments require a PIN number which the tenant of record can receive from the registrar's office. Additionally you may choose to pay your monthly rent using payroll deduction. Payroll deduction only captures your monthly rent and will not pay for any additional fees on your account (air conditioning charges, telephone bill etc).

Questions regarding your monthly rent bill or the balance of your account should be addressed to the Office of Student Accounts located in 133 Thompson Hall. Failure to make rent payments in accordance with the terms of your license may result in legal action as provided for by law including eviction from Teachers College housing.