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Faculty Policies and Procedures

Faculty Introduction

The Office of Residential Services intends this summary as a handy guide for current and prospective faculty tenants in Teachers College properties. It includes basic information which we believe will be of value to you both while planning your move and once you have arrived. We suggest that you print a copy and keep it available for easy reference. We have included information of basic relevance to all tenants in New York City apartment buildings as well as information particular to Teachers College.

At present, because the demand for housing greatly exceeds the supply of available apartments, only full-time faculty in the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor and professor as well as senior executive officers are eligible for housing.  The Director of Residential Services and Campus Safety in conjunction with the Vice President for Academic Affairs is responsible for assigning apartments based on the guidelines established by the Faculty Housing Committee empanelled by the President of the College in 1996. 

As of July 1, 2004, any tenured faculty member moving into College housing is guaranteed housing for five years.  At the end of the fourth year of residence, a faculty member will be informed by the College whether the fifth year will be the concluding year of residence, or if a three-year extension will be granted.  Such an extension may be renewable, based on availability and at the discretion of the Office of Residential Services, and will be reviewed for possible extension at the end of the second year.

For pre-tenured faculty, the initial term of residency will be seven years, with the vacate/no vacate notification taking place in the sixth year.  Non-tenured faculty will have the same possible residency extension policy available to them as tenured faculty.

Eligible faculty may apply for housing at the Office of Residential Services located on the first floor of Whittier Hall, 1230 Amsterdam Avenue, and telephone (212) 678-3235. Those faculty members who currently reside in Teachers College housing may also apply to transfer apartments, subject to availability and the guidelines established by the Faculty Housing Committee.

The College Housing Committee has established guidelines for assigning apartments based on the number of individuals living in the unit as follows:

Family Size Apartment Size
Individual 1 bedroom or small 2 bedroom
Couple Large 1 bedroom or small 2 bedroom
Family of three Large 2 bedroom or small 3 bedroom
Family of four 3 bedroom
Family > 4 Large 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom

Assignment to the types of units listed above is based on availability and no guarantee can be made that the type of units listed above will be available for a particular family size. When making assignments, priority is given to new faculty entering the College. Second priority is given to continuing faculty not currently living in on-campus housing and third priority is given to transfers within the buildings.  Below is a better explanation of how the priority for faculty housing works.

New faculty members have priority only for the semester in which employment begins.  For instance if a faculty members' employment begins at the start of the fall semester then that facuty member has priority (along with other faculty who will begin at the same time).  The priority list is then managed based on the date that the newly hired faculty member actually accepted the employment offer.  Priority does not carry over from one semester to the next.  For instance if a faculty member is hired to begin in a fall semester but is not offered housing or declines an offer they then they are moved to the second priority level (continuing faculty not currently living in on-campus housing).