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Faculty Policies and Procedures

Faculty Security and Fire Safety

In case of emergency please call 911. Teachers College Security is also available to respond to emergencies or crime incidents. They may be contacted at 212-678-3333. We also ask that any actual or potential fire, security incident or hazard be reported to the Office of Safety and Security at 678-3333.

Certain precautions can be taken to reduce the risk of burglaries and other crimes.

  • Keep your apartment, locked at all times.
  • Be sure that the lobby entrance door is fully closed behind you and do not open your lobby or apartment door to anyone not known to you.
  • As you approach your building or apartment entrance always have your keys in your hands so that you can immediately open your door.
  • Never provide access to your building through your intercom system's lobby door lock release without verifying the caller's identity. Make sure that any window gates installed in your apartment are closed.
  • Avoid walking in dark and deserted locations and taking shortcuts through parks and parking lots. Whenever possible stick to main streets and thoroughfares and walk with a companion if possible.
  • Walk in the middle of sidewalk - halfway between the building line and the curb.
  • Follow your instincts - if you believe a suspicious person is loitering in front of your building entrance or may have followed you home, do not enter your building. If you suspect you are being followed change direction, cross to the other side of the street and head for a better-lighted, more populated area. Call College Security or the Police using an emergency phone or public telephone.

Immediately report any malfunctioning locks, doors or other potential security problems to the Office of Safety and Security at 678-3333 or the Office of Facilities Management at 678-3010.