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Single Housing

  Single Student Housing

Teachers College maintains three Single Student Housing buildings: 517 West 121st, Grant, and Whittier Halls. Housing rates vary according to the size and location of the apartment and include electricity, heat and hot water, local phone, caller ID and voicemail, internet access and a premium cable television package. All single student housing units are fully furnished and must remain this way.

1.        517 West 121st
Is located at 517 West 121st Street and opened in the Fall 2004 term. The building contains 250 efficiency units with a private bathroom located in each unit. The building contains two types of units. Efficiency with no private kitchen and Efficiency with private kitchen.

 Efficiency with no private kitchen units share community kitchens, which are located throughout the building. These units are approximately 215 square feet.

 Efficiency with private kitchen units contain a private kitchen and are between approximately 260 and 335 square feet.

 2.      Grant Hall

Is located at 514 West 122nd Street, is a six-story building with four apartments on each floor. The courtyard side, shared two bedroom apartments contain two bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, and bathroom.
 3.      Whittier Hall

Is located at 1230 Amsterdam Avenue was constructed in 1901 and houses approximately 350 single students. There are several different types of housing accommodations offered in this residence hall. All units within Whittier Hall include a private bedroom. Room sizes vary in all accommodation types.

In the single rooms, kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared by approximately 20 students.  Suites are self-contained units with three to six private bedrooms. Residents of suites share a kitchen, bathroom, and common area. Shared two bedroom apartments contain two bedrooms, eat-in kitchen, and bathroom. Efficiency units, one bedroom apartments, and studio units all have a private bathroom and kitchen.

2014-2015 Average Single Student Housing Rates

Cost of Summer is less because the summer term is shorter. 

Please note housing charges vary according to the size and location of the unit.

Rates notated below are cost per term

* Limited Availability 


Housing Description

Average Cost

517 West 121st

Efficiency (no private kitchen)


517 West 121st

* Efficiency (private kitchen)

$9,200- $9,678

Whittier Hall

Single Room


Whittier Hall

Suite Room


Whittier Hall

*Efficiency (private kitchen)

$6,100- $6,900

Whittier Hall

* Efficiency (no private kitchen)


Whittier Hall

* Studio (private kitchen)


Whittier Hall


*Two bedroom shared unit

$ 5,600

Whittier Hall

*One bedroom

$7, 900


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New Residence Hall
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Whittier Hall
Click here: 1230 Amsterdam Avenue 
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