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Student Policies and Procedures > Family Housing Eligibility

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Student Policies and Procedures

Family Housing Eligibility

To be eligible for family housing, students must demonstrate that the applicant and the individual(s) with whom the applicant is applying to reside together share a qualifying family relationship. Qualifying family relationships under current policy include the following: (a) marriage, (b) presence of minor or dependent child, or (c) domestic partnership, (a long-term relationship between the two adults). Relationships that do not qualify for family housing status include: parents, grandparents or siblings of applicants, other than a minor sibling for whom the resident is the legal guardian.

Documentation of Family Status

All persons applying for family housing must submit proper documentation along with their application. The following are acceptable forms of documentation (Please note all forms must be in English or translated into English):

  1. Copy of a current marriage certificate.
  2. In the case of a single parent, birth certificate(s), adoption papers, or other appropriate documentation of legal guardianship.
  3. Notarized affidavit declaring that the applicants share a domestic partnership.

In addition, those who apply as Domestic Partners must include one of the following with the signed affidavit included in the housing application:

  1. Copy of a joint lease naming and signed by both applicants and their landlord;
  2. Joint tax returns for one calendar year immediately preceding the application;
  3. Notarized letter on bank letterhead signed by a bank officer indicating a joint saving and/or checking account for at least one calendar year;
  4. Affidavit of Domestic Partnership from New York City or any city, which registers unmarried couples who are in a committed, ongoing family relationship.