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Cognitive Studies in Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Cognitive Studies in Education

In the Department of Human Development

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Sixth Annual Subway Summit on Cognition and Education Research
January 25, 2013
Location: Teachers College

Hosted by the Provost and the Department of Human Development

Teachers College Session Chair: John Black

Social and Cultural Knowledge Influence Motivation to Learn
Xiaodong Lin

Learning World History through Role-play: A Comparison of Surrogate Embodiment and Physical Embodiment
Saadia Khan and John Black

The Effect of Explicit Teaching of Comprehension Strategies on Reading Comprehension in Elementary School
J. Grant Atkins and Joanna Williams

Cognitive and Metacognitive Dimensions of Adolescents' Developing Argumentation Skill
Nicole Zillmer and Deanna Kuhn

(Photo by Na Li)

Speakers at the Academic Festival 2013
April 13 , 2013

Dr. John Black, Dr. Saadia Khan, Dr. Xin Bai (CUNY), Carol Lu (TC doctoral candidate), and Dr. David VanEsselstyn

There's a New TA in Town: Learning with Robots & Avatars
Concurrent Sessions II 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Moderated by John Black.
Featuring specialists in Robots: David VanEsselstyn (PhD '01) and Carol Lu (MA '07)
Featuring specialists in Avatars: Xin Bai (EdD '08) and Saadia Khan (EdD '12)

Explore how robots, virtual world avatars and animated agents assist teachers and help students learn in a variety of content areas.

All the Right Moves: Learning with Gestural Mobile Devices
Concurrent Sessions III 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Moderated by John Black.
Featuring: Nabeel Ahmad (EdD '09), Ayelet Segal (PhD '01), Michael Swart (MA '01) and Ilya Lyashevsky

Keyboards and touchscreens are fast becoming a thing of the past. Explore how innovative interfaces on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones can be used to increase student learning, understanding and motivation.

TC doctoral students Ilya Lyashevsky and Michael Swart with alumna Dr. Ayelet Segal