The Great Recession and Risk for Child Abuse and Neglect | Human Development

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Human Development

The Great Recession and Risk for Child Abuse and Neglect

Dr. Brooks-Gunn along with her colleagues, William Schneider and Jane Waldfogel, published an article, “The Great Recession and Risk for Child Abuse and Neglect” in Children and Youth Services Review. This paper examines the association between the Great Recession and four measures of the risk for maternal child abuse and neglect: (1) maternal physical aggression; (2) maternal psychological aggression; (3) physical neglect by mothers; and (4) supervisory/exposure neglect by mothers. The results indicate that the Great Recession was associated with increased risk of child abuse but decreased risk of child neglect. Households with social fathers present may have been particularly adversely affected. Additional findings also show that economic uncertainty during the Great Recession, as measured by the Consumer Sentiment Index and the unemployment rate, had direct effects on the risk of abuse or neglect, which were not mediated by individual-level measures of economic hardship or poor mental health. The complete paper can be read here.

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