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Featured Publications

Virtual Enterprises
When the Virtual Becomes Real: Student Learning in the Virtual Enterprises Program
This report provides a thorough description of the Virtual Enterprises International (VE) high school program and includes student and teacher perceptions about the program.
>>Read the Abstact >>Download the Report >>Download IEE Brief No.31

CCRC's Latest

Defending the Community College Equity Agenda
In this new book, researchers at the Community College Research Center analyze how colleges have tried to improve their performance with respect to low-income students, students of color, and nontraditional students, given the challenges that their students face.

State Dual
Enrollment Policies

State Dual Enrollment Policies: Addressing Access and Quality
While policymakers and educators hope to expand the availability of credit-based transition programs at community colleges for a broader range of high school students, few states have legislation that support outreach to low and middle achieving students. This report analyzes dual enrollment legislation in all 50 states and whether these polices promote or inhibit the spread of dual enrollment programs. >> Read the Update to this Report >>Learn more about the Research Project on Credit-Based Transition Programs: Accelerating Student Success

Working Knowledge

Working Knowledge: Work-based Learning and Education Reform
Based on over five years of research on work-based learning in high school and community college programs across the country, Working Knowledge explores the potential for using work-based learning as part of a broad education reform strategy.

Community College Research Center

The Community College Research Center, which is housed at the Institute on Education and the Economy, has created a web site to better inform an expanding audience about their research. Visit the site to learn more about CCRC's mission, research projects, advisory board, publications, presentations, seminars, exciting news and more.

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