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In the Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Announcements > Professor Ray McDermott will be Visiting Professor in 2014-15

Professor Ray McDermott will be Visiting Professor in 2014-15

"Along with great promise, American culture has given education terrible problems and few conceptual tools for finding solutions. Our job is to confront current arrangements enough to do research that delivers on the promise of equality and excellence for all."
- Excerpt from a recent interview with Professor Ray McDermott of Stanford University Graduate School of Education, who will be in residence at Teachers College during the academic year 2014-15 as Visiting Professor.

Professor Ray McDermott (Ph.D., Stanford, Anthropology, 1977) is one of the most influential educational anthropologists of the past half century. He keeps challenging all who are concerned with education and schooling to move beyond the more comfortable understandings of learning, ability, literacy, and culture. He remains one of the more prophetic voices about what can go wrong even when policies are developed with the best of intentions. And he keeps inspiring those who are convinced that critique is not enough if it is not accompanied with systematic investigation into the actual everyday lives of ordinary children, teachers, and parents.

The most recent recognition of his contribution to education comes from the American Educational Research Association who awarded him a “lifetime achievement award” in 2013.