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Jeffrey J. Schiffer

Program: Anthropology & Education

Degree: Ph.D.

Previous Graduate Education: M.A. in Anthropology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University; Honors B.A. in Anthropology, The University of British Columbia.

Research Interests:
Contemporary First Nations and American Indian polities.  The reproduction of indigineity in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural spaces.  Critical indigenous studies, semiotic anthropology, and ethnomethodology.

Primary Geographical Interests:
Canada and The United States.

Selected Publications, Presentations, Works-in-Progress:
The Shifting Nature ofInteractions in the Field: A Case Study from Northeastern Guatemala http://digital.lampdev.columbia.edu/anthrorsch/index.php/JAR.

Honors and Distinctions:
Columbia University, Institute of Latin American Studies, Pre-dissertation Travel Grant,2008.

The University of British Columbia, First Nations Student Leadership Award, 2006.