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Kiran Jayaram

Program: Applied Anthropology

Degree: Ph.D.

Previous Graduate Education: M.A. Latin American Studies, University of Kansas; M. Phil., Teachers College.

Research Interests: Economic and educational anthropology; migration and mobility; political economy; literacy/schooling

Geographical Interests: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, US, India, Liberia

Forthcoming.  Seeds, Seams, et cetera: Why Sustainable Development in Haiti is Wrong.  In Transnational Hispaniola.

2013 State, Market, Xenophobia: Making Haitian Educational Migrants in the Dominican Republic. In Lives in Motion: Migration and Education in Global Perspective, Lesley Bartlett and Ameena Ghaffar-Kucher, eds. New York: Routledge.

2010 Capital Changes: Haitian Migrants in Contemporary Dominican Republic. Caribbean Quarterly 55(3):31-54.

2011 State Literacies and Inequalities: Managing Haitian Immigrants in the Dominican Republic. International Journal of Educational Development 31(6):587-595. With Bartlett, Lesley and Gulin Bonhomme.

2013 Transnational Hispaniola: Towards New Paradigms in Haitian and Dominican Studies. Radical History Review 115:26-32. With Mayes, April, Yolanda Martín, Carlos Decena, and Yveline Alexis.

2007 Problems Encountered on the Research Path: a Reflection from the Field.  Newsletter of the Society for Applied Anthropology 18(4):4-5.

2007 Review of The Devil Behind the Mirror: Globalization and Politics in the Dominican Republic.  The Caribbean Studies Newsletter 34(1):n.p.

2007 Seeing Disasters through Human Rights and Social Justice.  Newsletter of the Society for Applied Anthropology 18(3):4-6.

2004 The Politics of Culture in the mouvman rasin in Haiti.  Occasional Papers in Haitian Studies, no. 29, Bryant C. Freeman, ed.  Institute of Haitian Studies, University of Kansas.

2004 Review of Fadwa El Guindi and Dwight W. Read, “Mathematics in Structural Theory” from Current Anthropology 20(4), Public Anthropology (http://publicanthropology.org).

2003 “Translations Transnations Transgressions.” Chain 10.  Pp. 213-227.

2003 “A Matter of Words: On Ethnographic Authority in Elizabeth McAlister’s Rara!” Cultural Survival Quarterly 27(2).

November 2007.  Panel Co-organizer (with Karen Robinson), With Comitas on our Minds: Reflections on the Life and Work (so far) of a Practicing Anthropologist.  105th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

May 2007  “Different Groups, Grouped Differences:  Haitians in contemporary Santo Domingo”. Presented at the 32nd Conference of Caribbean Studies, Salvador, Brazil.

March 2007  “Translating Realities:  Challenges and Opportunities for Anthropology in Software Development”.  Presented at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology.

November 2006.  “Negotiating Realities:  Issues in applied anthropology for educational software development”.  Presented at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, American Museum of Natural History.

November 2006.  “Multiplicity of Haitian Identities in 21st Century Santo Domingo”.  Presented at the Institute of Latin American Studies, Columbia University.

June 2005.  “World and the Word:  a Grand History of an Individual’s Literacy Practice”.  Presented at the 30th Conference of Caribbean Studies Association, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

April 2005.  “The Anti-Literacy Literacies Machine in Haiti:  Kreyòl Literacy Campaigns in Haiti”. Presented at the Caribbean Scholars Association of New York, John Jay College.  (Invited Chair).

November 2003.  “Libète, Egalite, Fraternidad?”  Presented at Florida Anthropology Students Association Colloquium, University of Florida.

February 2002.  “Of the Blood of Biasou and Boukmann: Haitian Resistance to the Duvalier Regime”.  Presented at 22nd Conference of Institute of Latin American Studies Students Association, University of Texas.

Major Research Awards:
2007 J. William Fulbright Scholar Award; Institute of International Education - To support dissertation research in the Dominican Republic

2007 Office of Policy and Research; Teachers College, Columbia University - To support dissertation research in the Dominican Republic

2006 Institute of Latin American Studies Research Grant; Columbia University - To cover travel expenses to and in the Dominican Republic

2005 National Science Foundation (Awarded participant) Summer Institute for Research Design in Cultural Anthropology - Provided training for crafting a successful grant proposal

2001 James B. Pearson Fellowship; Kansas Board of Regents - To experience the global perspective gained from study abroad; M.A. thesis research in Haiti