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Monica Mann

Program: Applied Anthropology

Degree: Ph.D.

Research Interests: West African Vodu, sickle cell anemia, medical technology, medical pedagogy, health and healing, "voluntourism"

Geographical Interests: West Africa, U.S.

2010 -'" Pain in Translation, Transforming Anthropology(18) 2.

2007 -'" Presentation:Pain, Personhood, and the Transnational Lived Experience of Sickle Cell Disease:  Solomon's Story. American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings

2006 -'" "Science and Art: The Bodies Exhibition at South Street Seaport," Guest Lecture for Dr. Paige West's "Interpretations of Culture" class at Barnard College

2004 -'" Presentation: "Bodies that Heal: Penetrability, Pragmatism, and Play in Gorovodu Medicine," American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings

2004 -'" "Bodies of Gorovodu Healing," a working paper based on 2003 fieldwork in Togo, presented and defended to graduate faculty at Teachers College-Columbia University

2003 -'" "Getting to Grad School,"Guest Lecture for Dr. Judy Rosenthal's Advanced Anthropological Theory seminar at University of Michigan-'"Flint.

2009 -'" Betty Fairfax Professional Development Grant

2008 -'" Dean's Grant for Research-'"Columbia University Teachers College

2005 -'" Cowles Fellowship-'"Columbia University Teachers College

2003 -'" Columbia University Teachers College Anthropology Research Fund Grant

2002--2005 -'" Columbia University Teachers College Tuition Scholarship

2002 -'" University of Michigan Maize & Blue Scholar

2000 -'" University of Michigan True Blue Service Scholar Award

1992--97 & 1999--2001 -'" University of Michigan Scholar