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Society for Anthropological Studies (SAS)

The Society for Anthropological Studies

The Society for Anthropological Studies (SAS) aims to serve and advocate for the interests of graduate students at Teachers College who have a sustained and professional investment in the discipline of anthropology. We host social gatherings, lecture series, films, speakers and a variety of other events intended to help students who wish to broaden their network of professional and scholarly anthropologists, develop a theoretical voice shaped by anthropology, and create strong social ties with other such students. The society seeks to share the varied and unique perspectives of anthropology with the broader academic community, and increase awareness of cultural anthropology as a powerful lens through which academic research can be honed and progressive action taken. This is to be achieved through a myriad of activities: educational, social, and political. The Society of Anthropology Students welcomes students/faculty/alumni of all backgrounds who are interested in the discipline.

SAS published the premier edition of the Journal of Anthropological Research  in Spring 2010.