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Recent Alumni Publications

January 2014. "In the War on Poverty, Don't Forget Refugees" by Jill Koyama, PhD 2008
Koyama's OpEd piece in the Huffington Post calls for providing refugees with English training as a prerequisite to enjoying economic mobility.

December 2013. "Through the Looking Glass and Back Again: The Following Exercise" by William Buse, Ph.D. 1999
Defamiliarization and an examination of the means by which students refamiliarize themselves are the goals of Buse's two part experiential exercise that seeks to engage and illuminate the implicit culture-bound categories informing the classroom experience of an introductory course in anthropology.

February 2013. "Constructing legitimacy in a non-selective, American college: unpacking symbolic capital through ethnographic moments" by Alex Posecznick, Ph.D. 2010
Posecznick describes the ways distinctions about symbolic capital were made and how legitimacy was constructed during his year of ethnographic research in the Office of Admission of a small urban college.