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Both the Anthropology and Education and the Applied Anthropology programs are conducted in collaboration with the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the School of International and Public Affairs, and other professional schools and institutions of the University (School of Public Health, Lamont-Doherty Laboratory, for example).

In addition, our location in New York City allows students easy access to a myriad of prestigious academic and research institutions and provides a natural laboratory for student research on ethnicity, migration, and urban life. Students may take courses through the Inter-University Doctoral

Consortium (for participating institutions, see the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium section in this bulletin).

Most graduates find academic posts and administrative positions in colleges, universities, and professional schools. Others locate in federal and international agencies, research institutes, private foundations, medical institutions, consulting firms, and social welfare and community service organizations in the United States and abroad.