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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
Doctoral Student Profiles > Alla Korzh

Alla Korzh

TC Degree, Program & Specialization: Ed.D., International Educational Development, International Educational Policy

Geographical Focus: Ukraine and former USSR republics

Advisor: Monisha Bajaj and Lesley Bartlett

Previous graduate education: M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership, University of Illinois at Chicago (2008)

Research and scholarly interests: In my research, I examine the quality of orphanage education in Ukraine, specifically how it prepares the institutionalized youths (orphans and children deprived of parental care) for their future educational endeavors and reintegration into mainstream society. I am also interested in the education metamorphosis in the post-Soviet space; globalized “credentialism” in higher education; deinstitutionalization and foster care reform processes in Ukraine. My research is informed by political economy, socio-cultural reproduction, and cultural production theories, among others.

Recent Presentations: 

Korzh, A. (May, 2011). Student Agency Amidst Structural Constraints: How Ukrainian Orphans Negotiate Their Decision-Making About Future Academic and Career Endeavors. Dissertation proposal presented at the New Scholars Workshop at the Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada.

Korzh, A. (June, 2010). Reaching the Marginalized: Ukrainian Social Orphans’ Quality of Education. Paper presented at the World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Korzh, A. (March, 2010). Re-Building Ukraine Through Educational Access: Equalizing Opportunities for Ukrainian Orphans. Paper presented at the International Education Conference at NYU, NYC, NY.

Korzh, A. (March, 2010). Education in Ukrainian Orphanages: Perpetuation of Inequalities. Paper presented at the Open Society Institute Global Supplementary Grant & Doctoral Fellows Conference, NYC, NY. 

Korzh, A. (March, 2010). The Education of Ukrainian Orphans: The Hidden Curriculum and Its Implications. Paper presented at the Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Shevchenko Scientific Society in NYC and U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in Washington, DC: “Why Don’t Orphans Want to Be Tractor-Drivers? Education in Ukrainian Orphanages and Its Implications.”

Awards/Grants: American Association of University Women International Fellowship (2011-2012); Columbia University Harriman Junior Fellowship (2011-2012); Open Society Institute Supplementary Grant (2011-2012); Open Society Institute Global Supplementary Grant (Dissertation Research) (2010-2011); Columbia University Harriman Junior Fellowship (Dissertation Research) (2010-2011); Open Society Institute Global Supplementary Grant (2009-2010);  Columbia University Harriman Junior Fellowship (2009-2010); Teachers College International Scholarship (2008-2009)

Something about TC: TC and NYC make for the most international and vibrant academic place I’ve been to that makes me feel home. Meeting and bonding with amazing and brilliant individuals who have become friends for life; learning with and from shining and supportive cohort study-groupers; having the opportunity to be exposed to the diversity of incredibly talented professors in the department and TC overall; rigorous rhythm yet flexibility of the program, as well as ample opportunities for self-exploration, self-development, and constant intellectual stimulation make TC CIE/IED program worthy of all the challenges and relentless gratification it bestows upon its students.