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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
Doctoral Student Profiles > Tricia Callender

Tricia Callender

TC Degree, Program & Specialization: Ph.D, CIE/Sociology

Geographical Focus: South Africa, Caribbean (English, Spanish and French speaking)

Advisors: Hope Leichter (Comparative Education) and Gary Natriello (Sociology)

Previous graduate education: M.A. in IED from Teachers College

Research and scholarly interests:  Immigration and Education Policy making, the impacts of immigration in developing nations, multi-level organizational structures and the impact on policy making, education policy and implicit/explicit values of emerging democracies, the chasm between educational policy and practice in education.

Recent Presentations/Publications:

Zeederberg, M. and Callender, T (forthcoming 2011). The “Reading Moms” program in Cape Town: The Effect of Parents’ Immigrant Status on Literacy for Immigrant Students. Research report to The Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa.

South-South Immigration of Africans in the Caribbean: Barbadians in Cuba and Cubans in Barbados. Presentation to Olympic Training Consortium, Washington, DC (2010)

Callender, T. (2010) A New Policy Approach to Governance and Women’s Empowerment: Why focus on grassroots women is the most effective route to achieving Millennium Development Goal 3: 2009-2010 Research and Findings. Report to The Huairou Commission International Network, New York, New York

Certification Exam “Prep Talk”: How to prepare for the International Education Development and Comparative and International Education Certification Exam. w/Hakim Williams, New York, New York, Columbia University (2009).

How Adherence to Post-Colonial Theory Compromises Educational Quality in the African Context—The Case of South Africa. African Studies Working Group International Conference, New York, New York, Columbia University (2009)

Callender, T. (2005). A deeper level of diversity: Linguistic and cultural recognition, for the "new" Black student in NYC, the Barbadian example. In  Z. Zakharia and T. Arnstein, (Eds.), Languages, communities, and education (pp. 17-24). New York: Society for International Education, Teachers College. Available at:

South-South Transfer in the Southern African Region:  Borrowing and Lending of Educational Policies in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania and Malawi. Spencer Fellows Regional Conference, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa (2005).

Laurie M. Tisch Doctoral Scholarship; Teachers College Minority Scholarship Recipient

Something special about TC:
This has been an outstanding experience. The academic capital here is unparalleled, and continues to get even better.  Not only are faculty rich in knowledge and experience, but my fellow students as well. I know that when I complete my degree, I will have had the best preparation and support possible.