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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
ICE Alumni Profiles > Christal G. Burnett

Christal G. Burnett

Advisors: Hope Leichter and Maria Torres-Guzman

TC Degree, Program & Specialization: Ed.D., IED/Family and Community and Bilingual/Bicultural education

Geographical Focus: United States and Latin America

Previous graduate school experience: M.A. in Languages, Literacy and Culture from Stanford University

Research and scholarly interests: I am interested in the education of Latino students. My main foci are bilingual education, L1 maintenance, education within the family, and parental involvement. Other interests include sociolinguistic issues faced by speakers of non-standard language varieties. My dissertation examines ways in which Latino immigrant parents participate in their child’s education.

Recent presentations/publications:

Presenter. Do Latino parents care about their child’s education? National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), San Jose, CA, February 2007

Presenter. Overlooked Treasures: Identifying Latino Immigrant Parents’ Desire to Educate Their Children. Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), New York, NY, 30 March 2007

Co-author. (2006). Language Maintenance and the Role of the Family amongst Immigrant Groups in the United States: Persian-speaking Bahais, Cantonese, Urdu, Spanish and Japanese: An exploratory study. Center for Multiple Languages and Literacies (CMLL).

Awards/grants: Betty Fairfax Professional Development Fund Grant; Deborah Partridge Wolfe Multicultural Doctoral Education Scholarship.