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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
ICE Alumni Profiles > Christopher Campisano

Christopher Campisano

TC Degree & Year of Graduation: EdD, 1988

Current position: Director, Program in Teacher Preparation, Princeton University

Before TC: After graduating from college with a History major Christopher became a Social Studies public high school teacher for 3 years. His interest in wanting to teach at the college level and to further understand the critical role of education on nation building and economic and social development brought him to pursue his doctoral degree in education at Teachers College (TC).

While at TC: As a student in the Comparative and International Education Program, Christopher’s academic concentration was on Cultural Anthropology and his region of focus was Latin America. He greatly enjoyed being part of New York City’s international setting and taking classes with renowned TC faculty such as Harold Noah, Maxine Greene and Lawrence Cremin, amongst others. These inspiring classroom experiences together with the immense cultural diversity of the student body allowed Christopher to become more analytical and critical and to gain perspectives on education from people from all over the globe. As he mentioned “TC shrinks the world into one place” and students should take advantage of this by learning as much from their classes as from their classmates.

After TC: After completing his dissertation on the history of the Comparative Education Society (now CIES) by using the Comparative Education Review (CER) journal, Christopher held various academic positions in New Jersey, New York and Hawaii. In 1998 he joined the New Jersey State Department of Education and for 13 years participated in programs related to monitoring, evaluation, training and curriculum development in school districts across the state and with institutions of higher education.

Current work: Christopher greatly enjoys his current job as the Director for the Program in Teacher Preparation at Princeton University since he has the opportunity to work, again, with students and with future teachers. His TC experience helped him achieve this successful career path since it provided him with multiple philosophical, cultural, political and economic perspectives of educational issues. This broad view and understanding of schools allows Christopher to share his knowledge and further contribute to the enhancement of teacher preparation and school administration.