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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
ICE Alumni Profiles > Roozbeh Shirazi

Roozbeh Shirazi

TC degree, program and concentration: Ph.D., CIE/Political Science

Geographical focus: Jordan, Iran, Middle East.

Advisors: Ofelia Garcia and Charles Tilly

Previous graduate school experience: M.A. in CIE from Teachers College

Research and scholarly interests:Educational Issues in the Middle East; Political Identity Formation; Politicization of Humanitarian Assistance; Diaspora Communities; Participatory Politics; Schools as Public Space; Contemporary Iranian Politics; Political Reform in the Middle East; Social Movements; Immigration and Education.

Recent presentations/publications:

Shirazi, R. (2007).  The pen, sword, and blindfold: US support for Islamic Education in Afghanistan from World War II to Post-Taliban Reconstruction.  The New Centennial Review Volume 7, Issue 2. Michigan State University Press. (forthcoming)

Shirazi, R.  (2007). Chapter 4-Afghanistan in Gupta, A. Ed. “Going to School in South Asia: The Global School Room”, Volume 4 in Semel, S. and Sadovnik, A. Eds. Schooling Around the World Series. Greenwood Press.

Shirazi, R. & Mossayeb, S. (2006). Education and emigration: the case of the Iranian-American community. Current Issues in Comparative Education: 9:1.

Shirazi, R. (2006, March). Pluralism of Identities, Exclusion, or National Unity? A Comparison of Muslim Communities and State Education in France and Germany. Conference Paper. Steinhardt School of Education. New York University. New York, NY.


Shirazi, R. (2007, April).Going to School In South Asia: The Global School Room. Ed. Amita Gupta. Greenwood Press. 2007. Book Talk. Teachers College, Columbia University. New York.

Shirazi, R. (2006, December). Education and emigration: The case of the Iranian-American Community.  Invited Presentation on article in issue dedicated to immigration and education. Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE): Journal Launch for Volume 9, Issue 1. Teachers College, Columbia University New York.

Shirazi, R. (2005, October). Islamic Education in Afghanistan: Revisiting America’s Role. Paper Presented at the 29eme Colloque International de l’AFEC: Éducation, Religion, Laicité. Association Francophone d’Éducation Comparée (AFEC).  Paris, France.

Shirazi, R. (2005, March). Iranians and the Persian Speaking Community in New York: A Socio-Linguistic Survey. Paper Presented at the 2nd Annual Conference on the Iranian Diaspora organized by Iranian Alliances Across Borders (IAAB) at College Park, MD.

Awards/grants: Spencer Dissertation Research Training Grant (2007-2008); Teachers College OPR Fellowship (2007-2008); Teachers College Minority Scholarship (2005-2006); Elihu Rose Fellowship (2004-2005).

Something special about your TC experience: Teachers College attracts brilliant and dynamic students and faculty. As part of the community, we supplement learning in classes with access to leading scholars, policy makers, and world leaders. There is a spirit of camaraderie and support among students that eases the occasionally turbulent passage through graduate school.