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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
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Workshops and Resources

Professional Development Workshops and Resources for IED/CIE Students
The IED/CIE Programs Office, in collaboration with department related student organizations, hosts a number of professional development workshops for ITS students throughout the academic year. Workshops are created and facilitated by advanced doctoral students who volunteer their services and expertise. If you are interested in offering a workshop this academic year, please contact the IED/CIE Peer Advisor. Dates and times of upcoming workshops will be posted on the upcoming events link.

Professional Resource List

IED/CIE Student Internship Database

Writing Tips, 'Break Writing'

Approaching Research in International and Transcultural Studies
Facilitated by Chris Pagen, PhD Candidate, CIE/Political Science
Handout 1: Workshop Outline
Handout 2: IED/CIE Resource List
Handout 3: Additional Journal Titles

Proposal Writing and Finding Funding
Facilitated by Dr. Zeena Zakharia
Handout 1: Workshop Presentation
Handout 2: Workshop Outline
Handout 3: SIE/ITS Proposal and Funding Resources
Handout 4: Spencer Forum Proposal Writing Tips
Handout 5: Bartlett Suggestions for crafting a funding proposal

Demystifying the Academic Conference
Handout 1: Workshop Presentation
Handout 2: CIES Call for Abstracts 2009
Handout 3: CIES SIGs and Committees

How to Approach the 15-Minute Conference/Class Presentation
Handout 1: Supplemental Handout

Language Study and Funding Information Session
Facilitated by Tammy Arnstein, PdD student, CIE/Sociology
& Sarah Sherman, Program Assistant, MA, IED
Handout 1: Language Study and Scholarship Resource List
Handout 2: Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship Program
Handout 3: Language Study and Funding Information Guide- A Personal Perspective


Certification Exam Prep Talk
Facilitated by Tricia Callender, PhD Student, CIE/Sociology
Handout: Workshop Presentation

What you Need to Know as an IED/CIE Doctoral Student (but didn't know you had to ask!)
Handout 1: Workshop Presentation
Handout 2: Doctoral Program Timeline


Great Opportunity to Enhance your CV - Call for Volunteers!
The IED/CIE Programs Office organizes a year-long series of workshops and professional development events for all IED/CIE students, many of which are facilitated by volunteer IED/CIE doctoral students. Do you have an academic strength to share with your colleagues in a 1-hour workshop? Are you a whiz at Endnote? Exceptional at SPSS? Can you share your tips on how to get published or how to approach the 15-minute conference presentation? Facilitating a workshop is a wonderful service to our ITS community and a great CV-builder. Workshops are often co-facilitated. Please contact the Peer Advisors to discuss further. Thank you to all of our volunteers last year!