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Programs in International and Comparative Education
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Mercedes del Rosario

Mercedes del rosarioTC Degree, Program & Specialization: Ed.D, IED/International Educational Policy Studies

Geographical Focus: Southeast Asia, Central Asia

Advisors: Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Frank Moretti

Previous graduate education:
Ed.M. in IED/Language, Literacy and Technology from Teachers College; MA in Instructional Technology from San Francisco State University

Research and scholarly interests: Educational innovation and ICT in education: policies, strategies and practices; teacher education and technology integration and preparedness in pre-service and in-service education; web-based video online course development. Educational reform: Monitoring the drop out problem in post-socialist countries.

Recent Presentations/Publications:

Del Rosario, M. (2010) Leveling the Playing Field with ePortfolios; Global Virtual Symposium, Global Development Learning Network of the World Bank, Drexel University, Weinhouse Research, March 2010. (Videotaped presentation available at:

Del Rosario, M. (2008). Technology Integration in Teacher Preparation Programs in the Philippines:   An International Development Perspective. ICT for Development Special Interest Group, 52nd Annual Conference, Comparative and International Education Society. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York, March 17-21, 2008.

Del Rosario, M. (2006). A Case Study on Kaleidoscope: A Film-Based Curriculum for Language Instruction. International Conference on Teacher Education (2006).  Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology. University of the Philippines, Quezon City, Philippines. July 20-22, 2006.

Del Rosario, M (2006). The Drop Out Study: Perspectives, Experiences and Calls for Action from Post-Socialist Countries: Albania, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Slovakia, and Tajikistan. 50th Anniversary Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES). Hawaii, March 14-18, 2006.

Del Rosario, M.,  and  Frates, L. (2005). Face to Face with Moving Voices’ Students: Video Conferencing from Botswana, New Hampshire and New York. National Educational Computing Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Jun 27-30, 2005. 

Del Rosario, M., Gragert, E., and Dugan, W.  (2005): Moving Voices: The Project, The Course, The Videos. CoSN K-12 School Networking Conference, Washington D.C. March 22-23, 2005. 

Del Rosario, M. and Dugan, W. (2004). Moving Voices: Teachers’ Learning Experiences, International Education Resource Network Annual Conference, Kosice, Slovakia, July 2004.

Professional Presentations

ePortfolios at LaGuardia  for the New Student Orientation, LAGCC, March 2011.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia  for the New Faculty Colloquium, LAGCC, February 2010 and February 2011.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for St. Cloud State University, Minnesota, LAGCC, November, 2010.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for ACE IHEP Walmart, LAGCC, November, 2010.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for J. F. Oberlin University Faculty, Tokyo, Japan, LAGCC, August 2010.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for the China Education Association for International Exchange Delegation, LAGCC, June 2010.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia  for the New Faculty Colloquium, LAGCC, February 2010 and March 2011.

ePortfolio Platform Selection, College of Staten Island, November 2009.

Web-Design and ePortfolio Search Meeting, Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA,  July 2009.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for the New York Board of Education, LAGCC, June 2009.

Peer Teaching, Teaching, Learning and Technology, Innovations in Education Summer 2009 Colloquium, Stony Brook University,  Stony Brook, May 2009.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for University of Florida Faculty, LAGCC, March 2009.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for Fundamentals of Professional Advancement and Education and Language Acquisition Faculty,  LAGCC, April 2009.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for First Year Academy Faculty, LAGCC, March 2009.

ePortfolios at LaGuardia for Physical Therapy and Applied Health Faculty, LAGCC, March 2009.

Integrating ePortfolios in the Curriculum, Norwalk Community College, Connecticut,  November 2008.

Publications (Refereed)

Del Rosario, M.  (Upcoming Book Chapter).  ICT in Education Policies and National Development: Why the Twain Should Meet  (But Could Not) . Post-secondary education and technology: a global perspective on opportunities and obstacles to development. International and Development Education Series. Palgrave Macmillan Publishing. See:

Budiene,V,  Dedze,I. and del Rosario, M. (Eds) (2007) Monitoring School Drop Outs. Available at:

Del Rosario, M. and Warren, N. (2003) Response to Aurolyn Luykx : "Whose Language Is It Anyway? Historical Fetishism and the Language of Expertise in Bolivian Language Planning", Current Issues in Comparative Education [Online], 5(2).  Available at:

Benton, P., Shen, Y., and Del Rosario, M. (2002). Using immersive 360 degree images to enhance active involvement and comprehension in the learning process. Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference. (1).1508-1509.

Benton, P., Shen, Y., and Del Rosario, M. (2002). Handheld technology in field-based reporting. Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education International Conference. (1). 1759-1760.


Del Rosario, Mercedes, (2005) Moving Voices: Digital Filmmaking in the Global Classroom. Available at:

Del Rosario, M.,, (2005) The Mongolian Drop Out Study, Mongolian
Educational  Alliance, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. 
Available at:

Awards/Grants: Teachers College Minority Scholarship Award (2003-2004); Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Academic Excellence and Achievement at San Francisco State University (May 2001);
California Pre-Doctoral Program Scholar (2001-2002)

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