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Programs in International and Comparative Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University
IED Professional Specializations > Peace & Human Rights Education

Peace & Human Rights Education

Liaison: Dr. Felisa Tibbitts

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In recognition of the unprecedented dimensions of issues of security, war and peace, human rights and global justice, and sustainable development in a world of violent conflict, the program in International Educational Development (Department of International and Transcultural Studies) offers a degree concentration in Peace and Human Rights Education.  Peace and Human Rights Education is primarily concerned with addressing direct, structural & cultural violence through the transformation of pedagogy, curriculum, and policy related to education in both formal and non-formal contexts.  Through the concentration, students are provided with a conceptual understanding of issues related to peace and human rights, as well as practical skills in curriculum development.  Both masters and doctoral students are required to take two core courses in Peace Education and, in addition, can select courses related to peace, security, conflict resolution, human rights, and global justice offered throughout the College and within other programs at Columbia University, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary.

Students are encouraged to follow a program that will prepare them to pursue the objectives of peace education in whatever area of education they choose to concentrate. Each student is expected to assume major responsibility for formulating, in cooperation with his/her advisor, a plan of study that will best meet the general program requirements in a way most compatible with her/his own professional goals.

Concentration Requirements.  For all students concentrating in peace education, six units will be covered by the two required courses (ITSF 4613 & ITSF 4603).  The additional units can be tailored to each student's particular interests in the field of peace education. M.A. students need a total of 12 units for their concentration, Ed.M. students a total of 18, and Ed.D. students a total of 27.  Below you will find a list of courses that can count towards your peace education requirement. Independent study or internships can be counted towards the peace education requirement with the approval of the advisor.