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Latina/o and Latin American Faculty Working Group
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology

Fall 2013 Courses:

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Past Courses:

CCPJ 4873: The Winter Roundtable on cultural psychology and education

An Annual National Conference where top leaders in education and psychology share their expertise. It the longest running professional education program devoted to cultural issues in psychology and education in the United States. Latino psychologists such as Daniel Solórzano and Aída Hurtado have presented on Latino/a issues in this annual conference.

CCPJ 5020: Racism and racial identity in psychology and education

A review of the debate on the influence of race and racism on education, mental health, and other social sciences. Introduction of current theoretical and research developments which explore the influence and role of racial identity (black and white) in individual development and professional practice.

CCPJ 5164: Multicultural counseling and psychology

Introduces students to a range of approaches used in psychology and other disciplines for developing therapeutic intervention across racial and cultural groups. Examination of culturally indigenous perspectives of and approaches to mental health and healing. Introduction to culturally based counseling methods.

CCPJ 5165: Racial-cultural counseling laboratory

An advanced experiential skill oriented, and didactic course with limited enrollment (30) intended to provide insights into the racial, social and cultural factors in the development of relationships in counseling. The course uses a minimum competence model focused on self-exploration and the use of counseling skills.

ITSF 5123: School counseling for the bilingual/bicultural child and family

CCPJ 5364: Advanced practicum in multicultural counseling and psychotherapy