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Latina/o and Latin American Faculty Working Group
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Department of Curriculum and Teaching

Fall 2013 Courses:

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Past Courses:

C&T 4078 Curriculum and Teaching in Urban Areas

C&T 4114 Multicultural approaches to teaching young children

Analysis of major curriculum models for learning in young children through use of culturally and environmentally-derived content.

C&T 4131 Language and literacy in the early childhood curriculum

Introduction to research and practices related to early communication and literacy in early childhood settings (birth through grade 2). Focus will be on children whose first language is English, as well as English language learners, and on curricula and adaptations for full range of learners. (3 credits toward state literacy requirement).

C&T 4145 Critical perspectives in secondary education

Professors Knight and Lesko. A comprehensive examination of adolescent development and learning as they relate to issues of curriculum, teaching, and learning.

C&T 4501 Teaching and learning in the multicultural classroom

Open to preservice and inservice students in all subject departments. Class meets for seven sessions (consult department secretary or instructor for dates). Student diversity (characterized by gender, race, ethnicity, language, special needs, and sexual orientation) is examined in relation to decisions about teaching methodology, curriculum, instructional materials, student grouping, home-school-community relationships, and teachers' professional growth and development.

C&T 5037 Literacy, culture and the teaching of reading

Examines current practices of reading instruction in light of theory and research on literacy as a social, cultural and political practice. Emphasis on intersections of class, race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality as critical axes for understanding culturally-specific language and literacy practices, and as a basis for re-imagining reading instruction rooted in the experiences of students.