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Latina/o and Latin American Faculty Working Group
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Fall 2013 Courses:

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Past Courses:

MSTC 4007: Urban and Multicultural Science Education

Course Overview: Students will explore the intersections of policy, science and society and the impact these have on standard K-12 urban science curriculum and multicultural teaching practices. Drawing from scholarship in policy, curriculum, and teaching, this course explores major issues faced in urban science education, including: (1) the issue of resources (physical, human, and social) in urban schools and how urban science education programs might draw from local resources in meeting the needs of urban learners, (2) the issue of what roles might teachers, administrators, policy makers, and curriculum writers play in the design and implementation of empowering curricular and pedagogical practices in urban science classrooms, and (3) the issue of multicultural science education in terms of both content and pedagogy. This course challenges commonly used practices where multiculturalism is often taught as one distinct and often separate component of the science curriculum. This course provides students with both research-based and field-based experiences.