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Executive Education Programs in Change and Consultation
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

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Our Vision

As part of the Program in Social-Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University, the Executive Masters Degree Program in Change Leadership retains and builds upon a long tradition of using psychological research and theory to address real world practical problems through action research and evidence-based intervention.

The program leverages the scholar-practitioner identity of the program in Social-Organizational Psychology and holds fast to the notion that individual and collective behavior in organizations is best understood by examining the broader context in which that behavior occurs. Additionally, consistent with the scholar-practitioner model that infuses learning at Teachers College, we believe that there can be no action without research and no research without action, particularly in seemingly ungrounded times of economic uncertainty and rapid organization transformation.

The program aspires to not simply offer a series of courses that result in a change leadership degree, but also seeks to:

1) foster the professional development of those interested in leading and managing organization change

2) enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do so

3) become a center of excellence that reinvigorates and redefines professional standards of practice for change practitioners and

4) assist organizations as they address challenges of the contemporary workplace with new research, theory and evidence-based practice.