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The lesson study discussion forums (national, local projects, special organizations) provide individuals who are interested or engaged in lesson study with the opportunity to conduct online conversations. You can use these lesson study discussion forums to post questions, raise issues, and share insights about lesson study-related topics. You may also use the Lesson Study Listserv to conduct these conversations, share resources, or solicit information.

LESSON STUDY DISCUSSION FORUM, hosted by the School Renewal Web Center

This national lesson study discussion forum, which is hosted by the School Renewal Web Center, is also collaborating with the Lesson Study Research Group to encourage its effective and widespread use. We encourage you to use this discussion forum to read about/ participate in any ongoing conversations about lesson study; you can also use the Lesson Study Listserv to announce a new topic for this discussion forum or solicit more responses for it from a larger community of individuals (800+ individuals) who are interested in lesson study. When you post a message on this discussion forum, you have the option of being notified by e-mail when someone replies to your message.

City Heights Educational Collaborative Lesson Study Listserv

Chuck Podhorsky of San Diego State University's City Heights Educational Collaborative recently formed an Institute for Lesson Study Research and Application there. Their listserv is hosted at Yahoo Groups.

Colorado State Lesson Study Project Discussion

The Colorado State Lesson Study Project involves the support of the Colorado Business Roundtable (and earlier support from the Lesson Study Research Group). To access this statewide lesson study project's discussions, click on the title link above, and then go to "Discussions".

Teachers Network Policy Institute

This is an online conversation among the MetLife Fellows of the Teachers Network Policy Institute. These teacher leaders participate in a monthly shared reading and discussion program; the topic of this discussion is Stigler & Hiebert's The Teaching Gap (1999).