Process of Developing a Lesson Through Lesson Study





A group of teachers get together to conduct lesson study.

Talk about the goals and significance of the lesson study for this particular time.




Deciding who will teach, what grade level and what unit.










The teacher who will be teaching the lesson write the first draft of the lesson plan.

Discuss the lesson plan with other colleague.







The teacher who will be teaching the lesson polishes the lesson plan by incorporating

what was discussed during the step 3.  Discuss the lesson plan with colleague again and finalize it.










The teachers discuss the first lesson in a unit.  Discuss how the process of the lesson evolves.








When the lesson plan and it's process for the first lesson developed, ask other teacher to teach lesson in the classroom (first implementation).










Revising the lesson plan based on the discussion with the colleagues.  Listen to what the teacher who taught the lesson and the observers of the lesson say about how the students responded to the lesson and how the lesson evolved.







Conducting study lesson (second implementation).