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In this section, you will find a selected list of conferences, workshops, meetings, and other lesson study-related events.


***Upcoming events (chronological order):

Public Research Lessons (Chicago)--Saturday, May 22, 2004. Presented by Chicago Lesson Study Group, DePaul University School of Education, Global Education Resources, EDC, MathStar New Mexico, RBS. Lesson Study Workshop: Experiencing Research Lessons (2 research lessons in mathematics, 3rd and 6th grades). To help students develop algebraic reasoning through problems solving. For more information, please click here.


***Past events (reverse chronological order):

Lesson Study Conference 2003 (Stamford, CT)--November 19-21, 2003. Toward a Common Understanding: Implementing Lesson Study Effectively. Presented collaboratively by Global Education Resources, Greenwich Japanese Schools, Regional Alliance @ TERC, and Research for Better Schools. The conference was for teams of educators who have been engaging in lesson study for at least one year. Presenters/discussants included Clea Fernandez, Alice Gill, Catherine Lewis, Akihiko Takahashi, Joyce Tugel, Patsy Wang-Iverson, Tad Watanabe, Marjorie Woodwell, and Makoto Yoshida. For more information about this event, including conference readings and other materials, please click here.

Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI)--Summer 2003-Summer 2001. Working group on Japanese lesson study. For more information please click here.

Lesson Study Summer Workshop (Chicago)--August 25, 2003. Experiencing Japanese Public Research Lessons with Japanese Master Teachers. Sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan at Chicago, Chicago Futabakai Japanese School, and Global Education Resources. Japanese national study group board members came to the US to allow US teachers and educators to experience Japanese public mathematics lessons. This group has been conducting lesson study workshops/ public lessons annually for more than ten years. Their workshops attract around one thousand teachers and educators from all over Japan each year and one of their workshops was documented and published by NCTM as a lesson study video. For more information about this event, please click here.

Lesson Study Immersion Program (Japan)--June 26-July 10, 2003. Global Education Resources. (GER) planned a two-week Lesson Study Immersion Trip to Japan in the summer of 2003. This trip, the first of its kind, focused solely on learning more about lesson study, in particular as it relates to the field of elementary school mathematics, and how it is conducted in Japan. During this trip, participants had the opportunity to observe study lessons and participate in discussions of those lessons with simultaneous English translation. GER assembled 4 distinguished individuals who are experts in the fields of lesson study, mathematics education, schooling, classroom teaching and learning, and the education system in Japan and the U.S. For more information about this event, please click here.

Lesson Study Workshop (Chicago)--Monday, May 5, 2003. Presented by Chicago Lesson Study Group and Global Education Resources. Chicago Lesson Study Group, which was launched in November 2002 with several volunteer teachers who have had DePaul students in their classroom as a part of their clinical experiences under the guidance of Dr. Akihiko Takahashi's (DePaul University), held the first public research lesson in the Midwest. Participants included: Dr. Catherine Lewis (Mills College), Dr. Makoto Yoshida (Global Education Resources), and Mr. Nick Timpone (Paterson Public School No. 2). For more information about this event, please click here.

Lesson Study Conference 2002 (Stamford, CT)--November 20-22, 2003. Lesson Study: Collaborative Teacher-Led Professional Development Focused on Student Thinking. Conference co-sponsored by Research for Better Schools, TERC, and Global Education Resources. The conference sought to help educators learn about lesson study as well as offer deeper understanding to those already familiar with this professional development process. Lesson study can be used to improve teaching and learning in any subject area; however, this conference focused on mathematics, specifically in grades one through seven. For more information about this event, including access to papers, presentations, and other conference materials, please click here.

Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics (CCTM) Conference (Denver, Colorado)--October 3-4, 2002. Focused Strand on Lesson Study For conference information click here.