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The Lesson Study Listserv connects subscribed members to 800+ individuals across the country who are interested or engaged in lesson study. You can use this e-mail listserv to make announcements about lesson study events or resources, post questions, raise issues, discuss concerns, share insights, or exchange advice with others about lesson study and related topics. You can also use the listserv to announce topics of interest and solicit responses for the online conversations that take place on the lesson study Discussion Forum.


***To join or leave this list:

To SUBSCRIBE to this listserv, please send a blank e-mail to with the word "subscribe" in the subject heading (these requests are usually processed within 24 hours, although some may take a few days longer during weekends and holidays). If you are not subscribed to the listserv but would still like to post a message, please send your e-mail message to and we will forward it to the listserv community.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from this listserv, please send an e-mail (from the address under which you are subscribed) to with the words "unsub lessonstudy" in the subject line or body of the message (you will immediately receive a confirmation prompt--this insures the security of your request, so that others cannot unsubscribe you). Or, you can send a blank e-mail to with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject heading (these requests are usually processed within 24 hours, although it may take a few days longer during weekends and holidays).

PLEASE NOTE: we reserve the right to unsubscribe any members who use this list inappropriately.

TO receive a single DAILY DIGEST OF LISTSERV MESSAGES (instead of multiple individual messages), send a blank e-mail to: PLEASE NOTE: you can only do this if you are subscribed to the listserv.

If you choose this option, you will receive a single e-mail message (every day around 12:00 AM) that contains all messages contributed to the mailing list that day. At the top of this digest will be a numbered list of the subject headers from that day, followed by the COMPLETE messages themselves. You can still respond to individual messages.

If you change your mind, and would like to receive e-mail messages as they come in, simply send a blank e-mail to:

***Instructions and guidelines for using the listserv:

To SEND A MESSAGE to the lesson study community, just e-mail your message directly to: If you have trouble posting your message, please scroll to the bottom of this page (troubleshooting tips) for more information.

To REPLY TO A MESSAGE posted on the listserv, simply hit "reply", and your response will be sent ONLY to the individual who posted the message; if you would like the ENTIRE listserv community to receive your response, please hit "reply to all" or copy the entire listserv community (cc: "").

If your reply contains information that is relevant to others, please copy the entire listserv community on your reply so that others may benefit from this information exchange. Additionally, if your message receives a number of individual replies that you consider useful for the entire lesson study community, you should compile these responses and share them with the entire listserv.

ETIQUETTE and GUIDELINES for listserv postings: feel free to post messages about lesson-study related events, resources, questions, issues, concerns, insights, advice, or topics of interest that you feel would be relevant to the lesson study community at large. However, if your response to a message is relevant ONLY to the sender, please respond only to that person. As a member of this list, you must be the judge of what might be useful to share with the other subscribers, and what is more appropriate for private conversations.

To REVIEW PAST MESSAGES posted to the lesson study listserv community, please click below to access a chronological list of all messages posted on the listerv since it was launched in August 2001: LISTSERV ARCHIVES

To CONTINUE and EXTEND listserv conversations, you can also use the online Lesson Study Discussion Forum.

***Troubleshooting tips and list security:

If your messages are not being accepted by the listserv:

1) You may not be subscribed yet. Although we usually process subscribe requests within 24 hours, requests may take a few days longer during weekends and holidays.

2) You can only send messages from the e-mail address(es) under which you are subscribed. If you would like to add another e-mail address simply subscribe to the listserv from that e-mail account.

If you cannot read your messages:

1) Some unique e-mail codes may not be recognized by the digest compiler (this is not that common, however). If you receive unreadable messages, please e-mail and we will forward you any messages you could not read while we address the problem. PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL THE ENTIRE LISTSERV; it unnecessarily clogs other subscribers' inboxes.

2) Some digest users may not be able to open attachments due to different e-mail configurations. If you receive attachments you cannot open, please directly e-mail the person who posted the message to request the attachment. PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL THE ENTIRE LISTSERV; it unnecessarily clogs other subscribers' inboxes.

3) If you continue to experience problems with the digest, you may want to consider returning to the regular e-mail format. To receive e-mail messages as they come in, simply send a blank e-mail to:

If you still have trouble, please e-mail and briefly describe your problem so that we can address it.

If you are concerned about a virus, virus hoax, or other related problems:

1) If you are concerned that your e-mail is infected with a virus, and that it may have infected other e-mails in the listserv community, please contact the Listserv Administrator immediately ( We will investigate the problem, deal with it, and notify list members if necessary. PLEASE DO NOT E-MAIL THE ENTIRE LISTSERV; it unnecessarily encourages the very confusion virus-writers hope to propagate.

2) Usually, the Listserv Administrator has up-to-date information about potential security breaches, viruses, and worms. However, many of us have been experiencing virus-related problems or hoaxes recently, and unfortunately new ones arise constantly. Below is a list of informative and useful websites that can help you deal with known viruses, hoaxes, and so on:

3) If you responded to virus hoax instructions and deleted any files, please click on the following weblink for information about how to retrieve these deleted files (and to identify other hoaxes): Similar instructions and information should also be posted at the other websites listed above.


The listserv moderator ( is responsible for adding members as an initial screening procedure, but otherwise the list is generally "unmoderated" (in other words, we do not require approval for every single message or response). We prefer to keep this list unmoderated in order to allow users the freedom of unrestricted communication.

However, to prevent misuse (such as sales advertisements, spamming, unnecessary clogging of user's inboxes, etc.), only subscribers can post messages, and the default setting on message responses is to the individual sender only (not the entire listserv). Additionally, you will be prompted to confirm unsubscribe requests so that others cannot unsubscribe you.

Furthermore, we send instructional and/or warning e-mails to anyone that inadvertently misuses the list, and will immediately unsubscribe any users that intentionally abuse this list.

Finally, this list is not a public list--in other words, no one is allowed to access the e-mail addresses of subscribers, and we do not share this information with ANYONE. We also regularly and rigorously screen this list for unknown or suspect e-mail addresses.

All listserv communications from the administrator are made via a secure computer on Columbia University's secure network. The existence of this mailing list is kept "hidden", only the adminstrator can obtain member listings, and this list is not globally visible on the directory of all mailing lists.

Please feel free to share any comments or concerns with the listserv administrator; we welcome and appreciate your input, since we consider this list to be a community list.

Listserv Administrator(s):

Barbrina Ertle (March 2004-present)

Sonal M. Chokshi (August 1999-March 2004)