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In this section, you will find a selected list of teacher professional organization newsletters, special issues, and conference proceedings/ papers that focus on lesson study. You can download or request many of these readings directly from this webpage.

***conference papers/ proceedings:

Lesson Study: Collaborative Teacher-Led Professional Development Focused on Student Thinking. (November 20-22, 2002). Stamford, CT.

This conference was co-sponsored by Research for Better Schools, TERC, and Global Education Resources. The conference sought to help educators learn about lesson study as well as offer deeper understanding to those already familiar with this professional development process. Lesson study can be used to improve teaching and learning in any subject area; however, this conference focused on mathematics, specifically in grades one through seven. To access many of the materials relating to the conference, including papers and presentations, please click here.

Toward a Common Understanding: Implementing Lesson Study Effectively. (November 19-21, 2003). Stamford, CT.

This conference was presented collaboratively by Global Education Resources, Greenwich Japanese Schools, Regional Alliance @ TERC, and Research for Better Schools. Presenters/discussants included Clea Fernandez, Alice Gill, Catherine Lewis, Akihiko Takahashi, Joyce Tugel, Patsy Wang-Iverson, Tad Watanabe, Marjorie Woodwell, and Makoto Yoshida. For more information about this event, including conference readings and other materials, please click here.


Currents (Research for Better Schools), Spring/ Summer 2002.

This online issue of Research for Better Schools' seminannual newsletter focuses on lesson study as a form of professional development, and its practice in the Mid-Atlantic region. This issue includes articles that cover the following lesson study topics: scheduling time for lesson study, collaborating with knowledgeable others for lesson study, using the blackboard to promote student thinking and understanding, guidelines for observations and debriefings, teachers' views of lesson study, and many more. You can click here for links to all the articles in this issue. Mid-Atlantic residents may also request free copies of the print edition; others may purchase them from RBS.

ENC Focus on Lesson Study.

This online edition of ENC Focus features many links to lesson study articles and resources. To access this online edition, please click here.

Lesson study: Crafting learning together. Northwest Teacher, Spring 2003 (Volume 4, Number 3).

Contents include: The Essential Elements of Lesson Study, Researchers in Every Classroom, Lesson Study Advisers, and Lesson Study in the Northwest. To view this issue or order a hard copy, please click here.

Lesson study: Teachers learning together. Northwest Teacher, Spring 2001 (Volume 2, Number 2).

This issue takes a look at lesson study, both in its Japanese form and as it is being implemented in this country. The writers introduce the lesson study process, the rationale for using such an approach, and illustrate how teachers and administrators around the U.S. are taking the first steps toward adapting and implementing lesson study. Contents include: A New View to Professional Growth, Leading From Within,
and Creating Happy Memories Through Lesson Study. To view this issue or order a hard copy, please click here.